Our Kindness Challenge Officially Launched

Guiding children with gratitude and kindness to teach compassion through action.

Guiding children with gratitude and kindness to teach compassion through action.



Thanks for stopping by and learning about our company.  Chances are you have a very special child or several children in your life who fill your heart with joy and inspiration.  

Our company was founded on the belief that through positive learning experiences, kindness and guidance, all children can be leaders.  We hope you find some interesting articles, creative activities and products to share with your little leaders.

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We are passionate about guiding children and providing them with resources to develop leadership skills that will follow them throughout their adult lives.

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All of our products offered are created and selected to ensure that each item will positively inspire and stimulate young minds.

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As parents, caregivers and teachers, our customers are our priority. We are committed to providing you with the best products and resources for your children.


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Kindness Blog

You never know what kind of impact you can have on someone else. A simple smile could make someone’s day or it could inspire them to continue living. Kindness is a simple thing most people just look over. Something so small to you could mean the world to someone else.